3D viewing & Simulation For Satellite Images Using Virtual GIS Online Training Course & tutorial (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

Course Contents

This course focuses on 3D visualization and analysis of satellite images. By the end of the course you will be able to view multiple data layers in 3D, perform lots of things such as simulated flight path, 3D measurements, Floods and water analysis, intervisibility analysis, adding 3D models representing buildings, trees, aero-planes, and others – adding fog, mist, and others in order to add a realistic effect for satellite images, and finally recording 3D movies.

Lecture 1 : 3D Viewing

Lecture 2 : Viewing Data Layers and Performing Measurements

Lecture 3 : Simulated Flight Path Design

Lecture 4 : 3D Models Viewing

Lecture 5 : Drawing of 3D Building Models

Lecture 6 : 3D Water Movement Analysis

Lecture 7 : Intervisibility Analysis

Lecture 8 : Additional Viewing Tools

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