Satellite Images Geometric Correction and Map Projection Training Course & tutorial (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

Course Contents

In this course you will learn a quick overview for map projection terminologies and how to perform geometric correction for satellite images in different ways. In the first part of the course you will get an introduction for map projection covering important terminologies, such as Cartography, Geodesy, Geoid, Ellipsoid, Datum, Coordinate types, Projection types. In the second part of the course you will understand the process of geometric correction, how to select ground control points, resampling, performing geometric correction in different methods, performing orthorectification, and reprojection.

Lecture 1 : Map Projection 1

Lecture 2 : Map projection 2

Lecture 3 : Map Projection 3

Lecture 4 : Image to Image Rectification 1

Lecture 5 : Image to Image Rectification 2

Lecture 6 : Image to Image Rectification 3

Lecture 7 : Rectification by Using GCPs' File

Lecture 8 : Rectification by Using Keyboard

Lecture 9 : Orthorectification 1

Lecture 10 : Orthorectification 2

Lecture 11 : Reprojection

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