Solution Developer Level 1 Online Training Course & tutorial (Using ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler)

Course Contents

This short course aims to teach you the concept of Block programming and how it is applied in ERDAS Imagine Spatial Modeler. In addition, you will learn step by step how to design a simple model or program, that performs several functions on satellite images. This short course focuses on the development of simple models for beginners, such as producing new satellite images representing Relief, Slope, and Aspect of the terrain. After learning how to design and implement these simple models, you will become a junior solution developer for simple problems, and you will be ready to move to the next course to develop more complicated solutions.

Lecture 1 : Introduction to Spatial Modeler Free

Lecture 2 : Resolution Merge By Using Spatial Modeler

Lecture 3 : Create Shaded Relief Image By Using Spatial Modeler

Lecture 4 : Create Slope Image By Using Spatial Modeler

Lecture 5 : Create Aspect Image By Using Spatial Modeler

Lecture 6 : Convolution Filtering By Using Spatial Modeler

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